O’clock General Motors Plc is a company that was established on August 2006 G.C. here in Addis Ababa city by Mr. Ahmedin Mohammed Abdella. It was founded with the purpose of supplying and distributing auto spare parts, but it has since grown into a global and multinational corporate company with five different companies operating under it in over three different countries around the globe.

‌The major shareholder and former GM of the company, Ato Ahmedin Mohammed is a young (in his late thirties), innovative and dynamic businessperson who is well-informed about the latest technological and business developments in his sphere of operation. He started the business 20 years ago with the seed capital of a cash grant from his father. Now he has more than two decades of business experience as an individual and has managed to establish a successful company carrying out diverse business activities without failure.

‌The company traces its humble roots to when its founder Mr. Ahmedin Mohammed Abdella first started to get involved in his father’s flour mill business. Often times some of the machinery in the mill would need maintaining and replacing spare parts, and that’s when he knew he wanted to get into this business. 

‌‌He started O’clock with an initial capital of 1,800,000.00 ETB with the objective of selling auto spare parts; from there the business grew into importing and distributing industrial-grade machinery for governmental and private organizations alike. Some of the parts imported by the company include electrochemical machinery, food processing machines, garment processing machinery, metal tool machinery, woodwork machinery, pumps, generators, automobile and spare parts for cars and trucks, and so on. 

The company has also been working as an importer and distributor of various vehicles. The entrepreneur proposed and finalized all the necessary preparations to construct Africa’s largest shopping mall in Addis Ababa along with constructing the largest vehicle sales village in the capital city. 

This project is intended to break the old and yet persisting ill-learned maxim that says “Ethiopians cannot work but eat together”. It is established as a share company with the bold objective of transforming the manufacturing and service sectors of our economy through the joint hands of Ethiopians.

O’clock is a pioneer Ethiopian company with a clear sight of socio-economic challenges and turns them into business opportunities in the socio-economic endeavors of our country. Hence in 2014, G.C. made one critical investigation into problems in the transport sector in the country. Accordingly, the company identified the following main problems with current salon taxis and tries to solve the problem by establishing car assembly in the country. The main problems identified are:

The current taxi we are outdated 

The current taxi we use in Addis Ababa called the Lada taxi are outdated vehicle ( they have been giving service for the last 50 years)

Negative impact on tourism

They have a negative impact on tourism ( benign Ethiopia is one of the most tourist stations in Africa, but there is no modernized and comfortable taxi service for the tourist)

Higher traffic accidents and damages

They are experiencing higher traffic accidents and damages due to a lack of spare parts and maintenance 

Higher fuel consumption

Higher fuel consumption as well as pollution for the environment compared with new model meter taxi vehicles 

‌Less benefit for the owners due to high fuel consumption as well as a spare part and maintenance expense

Difficult to apply GPS

and fare mater devices due to old technology cars, as a result, the government cannot apply devices and controlled the tariff in this old taxi 

Lack of awareness

Lack of awareness for their job regarding minimizing traffic accidents and their role in giving service for customers as well as for foreign visitors etc.

Proposed Importing Of Meter Taxi Without Custom Tax For First Time In Addis Ababa


They got a privilege from the government to import new meter taxi duty-free for the customer.

Bank loan

They facilitate bank loan service for the drivers and imported 50 Toyota Avanza 2016 models for the first time in Ethiopia. And they sold those vehicles at less and more affordable prices.

Attractive and Brand New Cars

The vehicles we supplied are attractive and comfortable brand new cars which have less fuel consumption and less pollution and are equipped with GPS, meter fare device, jumper, camera, etc devices.

New Modern Taxi Service

Accordingly, the company builds and introduces a new modern taxi service for the city. Currently, they are giving services to international hotels, airports, embassies, tourists, investors, and so on.